Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D. is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, seminar, and workshop leader, specializing in business and work relationships and professional and personal development. Besides being a sociologist and anthropologist, she is founder and director of Changemakers and Creative Communications & Research.  She has had extensive experience in organizational behavior and communications.

She has published more than 40 books on diverse subjects, a dozen on business subjects. Besides A Survival Guide for Dealing with Bad Bosses and A Survival Guide for Working with Humans, her books on business relationships and professional development include Work With Me! Resolving Everyday Conflict in Your Organization and Resolving Conflict. Her books on professional and personal development include The Empowered Mind: How to Harness the Creative Force Within You and Mind Power: Picture Your Way to Success.  Her books on marketing include Building a Winning Sales Team, Success in Multi-Level Marketing, Get Rich Through Multi-Level Selling, and Strike It Rich in Personal Selling.  A follow-up book out in November 2006 is A Survival Guide for Managing Employees from Hell.

She has been involved in conflict resolution and professional and personal development programs for more than 25 years. Recently, she established several Web-based businesses to connect people to others in selected industries.  Among them are PublishersAndAgents at www.publishersandagents.net that connects writers to the publishing industry; News Media Connection at www.newsmediaconnection.com that links speakers and others with a story to tell to speakers' bureaus and meeting planners; and the Venture Capital Connection at www.venturecapitalconnection.com to match entrepreneurs with venture capitalists.

She received a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California in Berkeley, a J.D. from the University of San Francisco Law School, and M.A.s in anthropology and in mass communications and organizational, consumer, and audience behavior from Cal State University, East Bay.

For more information on Gini Graham Scott, visit her website at www.ginigrahamscott.com.   You can also see more information on her books and other projects at www.giniscott.com.

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